Favorite window Display : Club Monaco 

This is my favorite window display so far because it represents one of my favorite seasons, winter. The feathers on the sides and on the top of the window remind me of snow and snowflakes,which add to the angelic yet simple winter wonderland of this Club Monaco window. Although I do hate the cold weather of winter I love being able  to wear big sweater, turtlenecks , and layers on top of layers! When I look at this window I get a sense of warmth due to the neutral colors used on the mannequins.




Elton John, Diana Ross, and Cher


David Bowie:

Farrah fawcett :

Dolly Parton:

John travolta:

Jackson 5:


Peter Maxx (his art style is a mixture of art nouveau and comic strip art, he incorporates psychedelic colors in floral and celestial motifs.)


Men’s wear:

Men’s hairstyle :

 Womens fashion:

Women’s hairstyle:





Inspiration (Makeup + Style) : Amrezy

I picked Amrezy as my style and makeup inspiration this week because I love how passionate and confident she is in her skills. She never has a moment when her makeup isn’t flawlessly applied or out of place. In addition to that, she has become relevant/popular just for simply “beating” her face. Two huge accomplishments she has had are a makeup brand called “Anastasia Beverly Hills” named a palette after her and she now has her own matte lippie line. 

Aside from her intense makeup skills I love how Amrezy handles herself. I love how outspoken she is and the fact she doesn’t allow negative comments to get to her. She is always focused on branching out and making her brand bigger than it already is.


Twiggy (model)



Ray Charles


The beach boys

The Beatles

Art: Although Pop Art originated from the mid-late 50’s it became extremely popular during the 1960’s. Other Art Forms also arised such as, Op Art, Minimalism, Conceptual Art)

Pop Art:

Andy Warhol



Minimalist art 


Conceptual art:  

“One and three chairs”by Joseph Kosuth




 Men’s wear:

men’s hairstyles 

Women’s  wear 


women’s hairstyles:




Interior design: