Bergdorf Goodman


What I believe would be the typical day as a window dresser based off of David Hoey’s account would be a day full of learning experiences. I believe that because as a visual merchandiser I would need to learn about a lot of new things such as the distinctions between time periods to how to become a master at using a hot glue gun all in a matter of hours. It would also be very busy and involve a lot of energy. I will always be moving around because once we’re done with one project we would automatically move right on to the next window and work on that. But by the end of  the dayI think I would feel very fulfilled with myself and that all my hardwork was worth it.

In addition to what I read in the first article the second article “A working life:the window dresser”, the visual merchandiser Natalie Magee gave me insight on what it would be like being a window dresser too. I think that the thing that is interesting from that article is the fact Natalie mentions worrying about if what ever the window displays is negatively impacting the store’s sales. Which I think adds more stress during the day because as a visual merchandiser you are trying to effectively tell a story, but you must also think about if what you’re creating is going to sell the product you’re advertising and going to catch the attention of customers.

My  Favorite Bergdorf window

This is my favorite Bergdorf window because it is set in my favorite time period, the Victorian age. I love this window because it has an angelic vibe and reminds me of an antique shop. The little figurines and ivory colors add to the color scheme. What I believe took to make this window is a mannequin, diligence to put the jewels and diamonds to the background items. Also,  the detailing on the dress is very well put together.


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