Inspiration #5: Amandla Stenberg

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My inspiration for this week is Amandla Stenberg. I admire her because even though she is just 17, she doesn’t allow her age to speak for her maturity level. She always speaks her opinion on social and political issues, and no matter what stands her ground despite opinions from others. She also uses her platform to bring awareness to different racial issues such as the incidents in Ferguson, the death of Sandra Bland, and the constant harassment of Muslim men and women,¬† unlike many other celebrities in her position, which is very admirable. She even made a video on cultural appropriation in which she educated many on why it is wrong and not a form of flattery. In addition to that, I feel like I connect to her because we both are very opinionated and aren’t afraid to touch on situations that may make others feel uncomfortable. Not only that, but when we do voice our opinions on issues that are important to us we are seen as just being “angry” or “bitter”.


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