They’re just window dressing, but Tiffany Sparkles with Gene Moore’s Gems by Joy Wansley

Many people don’t see the magic within creating window displays and how much work those who create them put in to make it absolutely perfect. Not only that, but to tell a story. One of the most notable visual merchandisers is Gene Moore.

Gene Moore was born in Birmingham, Alabama , and was raised by an electrician and his wife once his biological parents decided to divorce. He described the couple as “divine”. During  his early years, Moore moved North to study painting at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Despite being born in the south Gene believes once he moved to New York City he was really born and free.

While in New York, he realized he wasn’t going to be the world’s greatest painter or painter at all, his calling was being a window dresser. His originality and drive to be outside the box is what helped him spring up in the Fashion world. In 1939, Moore began decorating windows for Bergdorf Goodman and soon became the “head of display” at Bonwit Teller. Finally, he made it to Tiffany’s. But, he didn’t stop at just being a window dresser throughout the years he was a photographer for Vogue and did costumes for Sir John Gielgud and the Paul Taylor Dance company.


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