Inspiration #3 : Clermont Twins


My inspiration for this week is Shannon and Shannade Clermont. They were born In Montclair, New Jersey, but moved to Georgia when they were 9 years old, then when they were 18 moved to New York City. What makes them different is they have worked with well known photographers and brands such as, Terry Richardson, Makeup Forever, GAP, Moschino, Married to The Mob, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week all at a very young age.

I chose them as my inspiration for various reasons. Firstly, they have a lot of ambition and have worked hard for everything they own. That inspires me to know that hard work always pays off and to never give up even if the odds are against me. Also, both have managed to get their bachelors degrees, Shannon got hers from FIT and Shannade from Parsons School of Design. That is astounding especially since they were on Bad Girl’s Club, modeled, acted, and much more but still managed to find time to take classes and graduate. Last but not least, I love their fashion sense. They can have an urban style one day and then be dressed head to toe in Chanel the next. I love how much they take pride in their appearance and don’t worry about trends, they wear what makes them look good and feel good. They never listen to haters and never allow them to bring them down.


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