Favorite Window Display

These holiday window displays are absolutely breathtaking: http://t.co/EH5uEgVW77 http://t.co/XI5f1SV7N8

This window display is from Bergdorf Goodman and I think it is one of my favorites so far. It is a holiday window from 2014 and it literally took my breath away. I love the set up of the trumpets in the background and how they compliment the  mannequin.  I also love the color scheme. I think the ivory around the borders, the silvery glass like trumpets, the mannequin’s sequin Oscars dress went perfectly together.


Inspiration #3

I found this quote to be an inspiration for me because I use to continuously try to go back and fix things in my past thinking it will make the present better, which always turns out to be incorrect. I realized I needed to stop focusing on what’s behind me and start focusing on how bright I want my future to be. I need to stop trying to fix others problems and worry about just being a better person for the past, present, and future me. I need to just let go and start off everyday on a brand new page.

They’re just window dressing, but Tiffany Sparkles with Gene Moore’s Gems by Joy Wansley

Many people don’t see the magic within creating window displays and how much work those who create them put in to make it absolutely perfect. Not only that, but to tell a story. One of the most notable visual merchandisers is Gene Moore.

Gene Moore was born in Birmingham, Alabama , and was raised by an electrician and his wife once his biological parents decided to divorce. He described the couple as “divine”. During  his early years, Moore moved North to study painting at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Despite being born in the south Gene believes once he moved to New York City he was really born and free.

While in New York, he realized he wasn’t going to be the world’s greatest painter or painter at all, his calling was being a window dresser. His originality and drive to be outside the box is what helped him spring up in the Fashion world. In 1939, Moore began decorating windows for Bergdorf Goodman and soon became the “head of display” at Bonwit Teller. Finally, he made it to Tiffany’s. But, he didn’t stop at just being a window dresser throughout the years he was a photographer for Vogue and did costumes for Sir John Gielgud and the Paul Taylor Dance company.

Inspiration #3 : Clermont Twins


My inspiration for this week is Shannon and Shannade Clermont. They were born In Montclair, New Jersey, but moved to Georgia when they were 9 years old, then when they were 18 moved to New York City. What makes them different is they have worked with well known photographers and brands such as, Terry Richardson, Makeup Forever, GAP, Moschino, Married to The Mob, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week all at a very young age.

I chose them as my inspiration for various reasons. Firstly, they have a lot of ambition and have worked hard for everything they own. That inspires me to know that hard work always pays off and to never give up even if the odds are against me. Also, both have managed to get their bachelors degrees, Shannon got hers from FIT and Shannade from Parsons School of Design. That is astounding especially since they were on Bad Girl’s Club, modeled, acted, and much more but still managed to find time to take classes and graduate. Last but not least, I love their fashion sense. They can have an urban style one day and then be dressed head to toe in Chanel the next. I love how much they take pride in their appearance and don’t worry about trends, they wear what makes them look good and feel good. They never listen to haters and never allow them to bring them down.

Gene Moore’s 2012 holiday display

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.53.55 PM

When I saw this window display I just thought it was beyond beautiful. What really caught my attention is the romance and the emotion from the two silhouettes. If there was a portrait of Cinderella and Prince Charming this would be it. I Also, loved the color choices. Gene Moore chose the darker blue that surrounded the couple because it fit the time of year, which was winter. In addition to that he chose to stick to the traditional Tiffany blue box for the ring.

The techniques Gene used were scale and perspective. Although the box is smaller than the silhouettes in the back it is put in the front to grab the viewers attention. That also makes the couple appear further away.