My inspiration #2

My inspiration for my second project was a mixture of both seasons one and two of a television series called American Horror Story. Those seasons played a major part in accomplishing my taboo horror theme.  For example, there was an episode when a character had a fear of an old urban legend about a man with a pigs head that kills people. So I decided instead of a pigs head i’ll do a cow and the black and white head also went the woman’s outfit.


Kourtney Kardashian project

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.18.48 PM IMG_1835 IMG_2025

For our class project each group was randomly given one of the 7 Kardashians/Jenners, and my group got Kourtney. Our group first bounced ideas off of one another to see how we all viewed Kourtney Kardashian and we all agreed that she was very family oriented, simple, and had a bohemian style.  Next, my group member D created a drawing which included Kourtney in a gazebo with her children playing in a garden. We also came up with the idea of having a clothing line full of various polaroid pictures symbolizing her transition into motherhood.  Once the picture was drawn we split up the responsibilities. D and I worked on the window display on photoshop while the other members A and V worked on the mood board.

What I liked about the project most is that our group was given full creative control over what we were going to do for our presentation.  That was my favorite part because i’m not use to not having restrictions with classwork. In addition to that, I appreciated the chance to learn and use photoshop.  Although, I enjoyed doing the project I did find some things difficult. For example, what I found to be most difficult was combining all our thoughts together to form one clear and organized window display.